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Map to Satellite GAN

by Deepak Mangla

Automatically converts maps to satellite images with the generative AI.

Contains Dockerfile Ā This model contains Dockerfile.

License: Private

Tags: CycleGAN Map to Satellite Training Data Generation

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Framework PyTorch
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What is it?

Automatically converts maps to satellite images  with the generative AI.

How to use?

Using pip Prerequisites - cuda 10.1 and python 3.6

  • Install all requirements with command pip install -r requirements.txt.
  • Put one or more images of maps in 'Input' folder. (Initially sample images are provided for testing purpose).
  • Run python src/ -- input Input --output Output

Using docker Prerequisites - Docker > 19.03

  • Build docker image and run docker container - docker build -t Map2Sat -f Dockerfile . && docker run -it Map2Sat
  • Run python src/ -- input Input --output Output .

Voila ! Maps have been converted to Satellite images and have been stored in 'Output' directory.


CPU - 0.96 s GPU - 0.036 s

Tested on

  • python 3.5
  • ubuntu 16.04
  • cuda 10.1

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Deepak Mangla
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I am Deep Learning (Computer Vision) Engineer with specialization in enabling AI on the resource-constrained edge devices. I work on quantizations, pruning and efficient designing and deployment of DL networks. Read my article about Winograd -

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