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Fire Detection

by Deepak Mangla

Check for file or smoke using AI

Contains Dockerfile  This model contains Dockerfile.

License: MIT License

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What is it?

Automatically detects fire and smoke in images using computer vision. It is based on VGG-16.

How to use?

Note: Docker should be pre-installed to use this model. pip install dockship dockship run 5DEE091FCE66EC2832EBED03 5000

Now model will get hosted at localhost:5000.

Send request localhost:5000/predict?input={ 'imagePath':'' }

output: { 'prediction': 'non-fire' 'input_file': 'localhost:5000/data/output/{uuid}.jpg' }

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Deepak Mangla
Faridabad, India

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AI wizard who thinks with first principles

I am Deep Learning (Computer Vision) Engineer with specialization in enabling AI on the resource-constrained edge devices. I work on quantizations, pruning and efficient designing and deployment of DL networks. Read my article about Winograd -

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