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COVID19 Prediction Based On Symptoms
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COVID19 Prediction Based On Symptoms. Challenge 1, using tabular dataset.


31 Participants

Prediction of COVID19 Cases

Training.csv attribute Info:

  • Age over 60 - Is Age Over 60 (1 for yes, 0 for no)
  • Sex - Male or Female
  • Cough - Cough
  • Shortness of breath - Shortness_of_breath
  • Fever - Fever
  • Sore throat - Sore_throat
  • Headache - Headache
  • Contact with a confirmed individual - Contact_with_confirmed or Other
  • corona_result - 1 if they have coronavirus, 0 if they dont [TARGET COLUMN]

Testing.csv attributes:

Same as Training.csv without the corona_result column.

See submission guidelines for more details

The ranking is displayed based on the F1 Score of the submission. "Training.csv" file contains the data required for training.

The output of the model should be "output.csv" containing the following columns in this exact order for predictions on Testing.csv:

  • index (Row index of Testing.csv data)
  • corona_result (Target Attribute)

The submission should be a .csv file, in the following format:

How to make a submission?

  1. Click on "My Submission"
  2. On the next page, click on "+ New Submission"
  3. Upload your CSV in the next page and click on "Submit for Review"

Please note:

  1. You must submit your CSV file by uploading the CSV in the "My Submissions" section of this challenge.
  2. Your submission will be auto graded and you will be able to see your results instantly.
  3. If there is any error in the submission, your final score will be marked as 0.
  • Each team can have 2-3 students
  • Participants are provided with a training set (labelled data) and a testing set (unlabeled) which they need to predict and submit the predictions of. The submitted predictions will then be automatically graded by and the F1 score will be used to rank you on a leaderboard.
  • Each team gets up to 20 submissions per day.
  • There are two leaderboards, Public and Private. The winners will be those with the highest score in both the public and private leaderboards at the end of the submission period and will be announced on Jan 24th, 2022 .
  • Winners may be asked to submit their code for review if required by judges.

Note: The public leaderboard shown does not show your final ranking and is not the final leaderboard. There is also a private leaderboard that will contribute to your final ranking in the competition.

All teams that successfully make a submission get a certificate at the end of the challenge.

Prizes to be awarded to the winners:

• 1st place winner: 600 AED

• 2nd place winner: 400 AED

How do I download the dataset?
Can I make multiple submissions?
Can we apply as a team?
I've other queries, where can I get support?
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