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Neural Image Analogies

by Raj Kumar

Neural Style transfer that automatically learn filters from training data

License: MIT license

Tags: Neural Style Transfer Image Analogies Theano Keras Computer Vision

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Neural style transfer is a machine learning technique that merges the “content” of one image with the “style” of another. Here it is based on the implementation of paper image analogies.


Before running this script, download the weights for the VGG16 model. This file contains only the convolutional layers of VGG16 which is 10% of the full size. Original source of full weights. The script assumes the weights are in the current working directory. If you place them somewhere else make sure to pass the --vgg-weights=<location-of-the-weights.h5 parameter> or set the VGG_WEIGHT_PATH environment variable.

Example script usage: python images/arch-mask.jpg images/arch.jpg images/arch-newmask.jpg out/arch

For Example: python images/arch-A.jpg images/arch-Ap.jpg images/arch-B.jpg out/arch

For Help Options - python -h

usage: [-h] [--width OUT_WIDTH] [--height OUT_HEIGHT] [--scales NUM_SCALES] [--min-scale MIN_SCALE] [--a-scale-mode A_SCALE_MODE] [--output-full] [--iters NUM_ITERATIONS_PER_SCALE] [--model MATCH_MODEL] [--mrf-nnf-steps MRF_NNF_STEPS] [--randomize-mrf-nnf] [--analogy-nnf-steps ANALOGY_NNF_STEPS] [--tv-w TV_WEIGHT] [--analogy-w ANALOGY_WEIGHT] [--analogy-layers ANALOGY_LAYERS] [--use-full-analogy] [--mrf-w MRF_WEIGHT] [--mrf-layers MRF_LAYERS] [--b-content-w B_BP_CONTENT_WEIGHT] [--content-layers B_CONTENT_LAYERS] [--nstyle-w NEURAL_STYLE_WEIGHT] [--nstyle-layers NEURAL_STYLE_LAYERS] [--patch-size PATCH_SIZE] [--patch-stride PATCH_STRIDE] [--vgg-weights VGG_WEIGHTS] [--pool-mode POOL_MODE] [--jitter JITTER] [--color-jitter COLOR_JITTER] [--contrast CONTRAST_PERCENT]

Neural image analogies with Keras.

positional arguments:

ref                   Path to the reference image mask (A) base                  Path to the source image (A') ref                   Path to the new mask for generation (B) res_prefix            Prefix for the saved results (B') Optional arguments: -h,    --help       show this help message and exit --width                  OUT_WIDTH                Set output width --height                 OUT_HEIGHT              Set output height --scales                 NUM_SCALES              Run at N different scales --min-scale            MIN_SCALE                Smallest scale to iterate --a-scale-mode      A_SCALE_MODE       Method of scaling A and A' relative to B --a-scale                A_SCALE                Additional scale factor for A and A' --output-full                 Output all intermediate images at full size regardless of current scale. --iters                   NUM_ITERATIONS_PER_SCALE  Number of iterations per scale --model                MATCH_MODEL                               Matching algorithm (patchmatch or brute) --mrf-nnf-steps        MRF_NNF_STEP               Number of patchmatch updates per iteration for local coherence loss. --randomize-mrf-nnf   Randomize                            the local coherence similarity matrix at the start of a new scale instead of scaling it up.

Currently, A and A' must be the same size, the same holds for B and B'. Output size is the same as Image B, unless specified otherwise.


To get all the requirements and dependencies installed run the command For GPU - pip install -r gpu_requirements.txt For CPU - pip install -r cpu_requirements.txt

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