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Emotion Recognition

by Nishchal Gaba

Identifies Emotion and Gender of the person

License: MIT license

Tags: emotion gender classification detection

Ā Model stats and performance
Dataset Used fer2013/IMDB
Framework Tensorflow
OS Used Linux
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Inference time in seconds per sample.


What is it?

The model does Real-time face detection and emotion-gender classification.

Works on images and videos.

How to use?

Run real-time emotion demo:


Run real-time guided back-prop demo:


Make inference on single images:

python3 ../images/test_image.jpg

What are the requirements?

To get all the requirements and dependencies installed run the command:

For GPU: pip install -r gpu_requirements.txt For CPU: pip install -r cpu_requirements.txt

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Nishchal Gaba
New Delhi, India.
Level 4 3600 XP

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ML Researcher

Confident and innovative individual with an insatiable curiosity Always looking to be the ice breaker for the hardest challenges Achievement with sense of greatness is my goal

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