Employablity Index

EI is a score out of 10 that will tell you how employable you are.
EI will be a standard metric that the recruiters will look into before they hire.

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How does it work?


Upload Your Resume

Click the "Take EI Test" button to upload your resume and add your LinkedIn and GitHub account links.


Take a Live Interview

Take a FREE 15-minute live interview in which we will gague your softskills, problem solving ability, and research aptitude.


EI score is generated

We will analyze your Resume, LinkedIn, Github, Dockship profile, and the interview and generate your EI score. You can later request for a personalized report as well.


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Get your EI score for FREE!
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For whom is this test suited for?


Students and researchers

EI is perfect for students and researchers who are entering the industry. EI will uncover your strong areas and also suggest improvements to close the industry gap.


Working professionals

EI is great for working professionals who have 2-3 yrs of experience. EI will suggest you upcomming trends that can keep you job ready for the future.

*What is in the report?

The report will give you your employabiity rating and a feedback on which you can work.
* Your report has to be requested later. Currently it is FREE.

Get your EI score for FREE!
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