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Hacking Heist Hackathon

Hacking Heist is a highly anticipated international hackathon.


73 Participants
Organized By Hacking Heist

Welcome to Hacking Heist!

Hacking Heist is a highly anticipated international hackathon organized by many famous student communities all over the world uniting together to produce a memorable event for talented students who possess the skills of different domains.

The event is a 36-hour long with a theme based on Pirates. The participants come resembling pirates and fight through the dangerous perils of the oceans which are the different domains they will receive in the hackathon.

The domains come as waves and the pirates maneuvering their way to the treasure. The top pirate takes the loot and in the same way, the top participants will receive awards. The participant who successfully travels through all the perils of the ocean(challenges) is termed as the “King of the Ocean”.

All the best!

Icons made by Freepik!

Steps you need to take:

  1. You'll need to make a Github repo that will contain the code you'll do
  2. You've to add a title, a tagline, and a little description about your project
  3. And a demo video explaining your idea and the working of the project or the future scope of that project (basically it depends on how well you can present your project before us)

Important: Create a ZIP file of your codebase and add all the above information in the notes section of the submission.

How to make a submission?

  1. Click on "My Submission"
  2. On the next page, click on "+ New Submission"
  3. Upload your ZIP file in the next page and click on "Submit for Review"

Judgement Criteria

👉 Originality & Creativity

How new and novel the idea is.

👉 Technical Difficulty

The level of skill or knowledge required to build the idea.

👉 Prototype

How much of your project is working.

👉 Presentation

How well you can present your project in front of the judges.

⭐️ General Track

Any project can be submitted to this track! The only requirement is that all the members of the team must be an enthusiast to become a Pirate and conquer the prizes.


  • 1st place: $150
  • 2nd place: $100
  • 3rd place: $50


⭐️ Best use of SAWOLabs API

Any project that uses the SAWO Labs API for building their authentication system will be eligible for this track. The prizes are -

  • $100 Prize to winning team
  • 1-month free Inaugurate Tier access
  • Feature in our Blogs & Articles
  • SAWO funds 100% of the Playstore / App store subscription fee for the best mobile apps.
  • SAWO funds 100% of the hosting fee for the best web-apps
  • For extra special products - Special opportunity to pitch your hack to VCs and Investors in SAWO’s Pitch day Hack


⭐️ Best WebApp with Qoom

Any project that uses the Qoom platform can be submitted to this track. The prizes are -

  • 1-year Pro Plan package (one per team, $140 value)
  • $150 cash prize for the team
  • Invitation to Qoom Creator Group ( (An invite-only 12-week SW apprenticeship program. It's a unique opportunity to build up web dev skills with mentoring from industry experts)
  • Featured on Qoom Project Gallery(


⭐️ Coil Best Web Monetization Challenge Prize

The Best Web Monetization Project prize is awarded to the team who make the best use of Web Monetization, Rafiki, or Interledger. Please go through the this document for more information regarding the challenge -


  • Coil Prize pack shipped to each member of the winning team


⭐️ Best use of

Any project that uses Api for building its conversation intelligent system will be eligible for this track. The prizes are-

  • $100 worth Amazon Gift Card to winning team
  • Tshirt shipped to each member of the winning team


⭐️ Best use of KoII

Any project that uses KoII platform can be submitted to this track. The prizes are -

  • First Prize - $1000 USDT
  • Second Prize - $500 USDT
  • 100 KOII - Most pull requests on Atomic NFT
  • 100 KOII - Everyone who adds a new standard to Atomic NFT
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What's a Hackathon?
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Is Hacking Heist free to attend?
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