Mayank Bajaj
Surat, Gujarat

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Machine Learning | Founder at Code Warriors | Director of Strategic Cell at Dockship | Deep Learning

I am an aspiring data scientist who enjoys connecting the dots: be it ideas from different disciplines, people from different teams, or applications from different industries. I have strong technical skills and an academic background in engineering, statistics, and machine learning. Interested in finding valuable insights from the data, Passionate about implementing Data Science techniques, and expand the domain of my knowledge base. I also like organizing events such as workshops, Hackathons, and webinars and had founded Code Warriors for the same purpose.

Work Experience (6)

  • Campus Superhero

    March 2020 - Present | 1 year 7 months
  • Event Ambassador
    August 2020 - Present | 1 year 2 months
  • Director at Strategic Cell

    December 2020 - Present | 10 months

Education (1)

  • Uka Tarsadia University

    Bachelor of Techmology | Computer Engineering
    July 2017 - Present | 4 years 3 months

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TensorflowKerasMachine LearningDeep LearningPythonFlaskNLP

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