Signed up on Dockship

upto 8x


Turn around time for hiring

upto 4x

Cheaper Hiring**

Than conventional methods.

upto 200+

Avg. Applicants

Per challenge in a week.

*It usually takes upto 2 months to source, evaluate and hire a developer. **Conventional methods usually charge 1/12th of the annual salary of the developer. Our way offers 4x reduction in cost as we do not charge any monthly fees or commisiion on hiring (limited time).

Hiring developers is now easy!

1. Host a challenge

Easily design and host challenges that can effectively test the skills of the developers.
You can host challenges for Image Classification, object detection, and time series analysis.

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2. Dockship evaluates candidates

Dockship uses AutoGrade to automatically grade the submissions of the participants for a challenge.
It gives their submission a score that makes it easy for you to decide. We use inbuilt anti cheat to detect fraudulent entries.

Safe and reliable

3. Dockship automates interview scheduling

(Coming soon!)

Connect your Google Calendar and Dockship will automatically schedule interview calls based on the score of their submission. All you need to do it sit back and relax and Dockship will manage your Calendar.

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Pay as you go.
No monthy charges. No commission on salary. (for a limited time)

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