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Satellite Image Classification

by Rudradeb Mitra

Checking for relation between climate anomalies, displacement and human conflict in Somalia

License: MIT License

Tags: Satellite Image sklearn python random forest

 Model stats and performance
Dataset Used USGS EarthExplorer
Framework Custom Python
OS Used Linux
Inference time in seconds per sample.

Performance data is not available.


This work is part of Omdena’s AI challenge in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency.

What it is?

We show that by using satellite imagery of Somalia, the image classification models are able to depict the effect of forced displacement as a result of violent conflict, to the environment through internal displaced human activity.

Check out: For detail

How to use it

python3 model/

What are the requirements?

To get all the requirements and dependencies installed run the command.

pip install -r requirements.txt

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Rudradeb Mitra
Palo Alto, USA

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Founder of Omdena

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