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Real-time face detection emo-gen classification

by Rahul Kanojia

Real-time face detection and emotion-gender classification.

Contains Dockerfile  This model contains Dockerfile.

License: Apache License 2.0

 Model stats and performance
Framework Tensorflow
OS Used Linux
Inference time in seconds per sample.

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What is it?

The model does Real-time face detection and emotion-gender classification.

How to use?

Note: Docker should be pre-installed to use this model. pip install dockship dockship run 5E05B031661B9E275E361FC4 5000 Now model will get hosted at localhost:5000. Example - http://localhost:5000/predict?input="{'imagePath':'

output: {"gender": ["woman", "man", "woman", "woman", "woman"], "emotion": ["angry", "happy", "happy", "happy", "happy"], "output_image": "data/output/c92ff30118cd464c956f24a447928635.png"}

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New Delhi

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