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License Plate Detector

by Rahul Kanojia

A fast (>10 fps) and accurate model for license plate detection

License: Apache License 2.0

Tags: Object detection

 Model stats and performance
Dataset Used Indian Plate Recogniser
Framework Tensorflow
OS Used Linux
Inference time in seconds per sample.

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License Plate Detector


License Plate Detector is an object detector with real time usability with the help of 10+ fps on cpu. This use case has a multiple number of applications from monitoring a gate entrance, traffic monitoring, etc.

HOW TO USE? To run The Inference Script run this command python --image

HELP OPTIONS –image Input Image Mention the input Image path

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS? To get all the requirements and dependencies installed run the command For GPU - pip install -r gpu_requirements.txt For CPU - pip install -r cpu_requirements.txt

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Rahul Kanojia
New Delhi

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